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Flex Q & A

Q:  What is flex?

A:  Flex occurs from 1:22-1:52 each day.  It is a time dedicated to STAAR intervention strategies, club meetings, character education, and UIL practice.  It’s also when we show GNN, make important announcements, and get information to our students.

Q:  What if my child passed STAAR? 

A: Intervention sounds like a negative word, but what it really means is a little extra something.  Yes, everyone gets a little extra something based on what will help them succeed. Our goal for all students is to show growth.  For example, if your student earned 80% on STAAR last year (which is an outstanding score, by the way!), we’re going to share strategies to help him reach beyond that.

Q:  Does everyone get character education?

A:  Yes, everyone does.  Eighth grade meets on Tuesday, seventh on Wednesday, and sixth on Thursday.  Click on the Character Education link to learn more.  

Q:  What if my student isn’t in UIL?  What do they do on Friday?

A:  Students not in UIL participate in D.E.A.R. – Drop Everything and Read.  Students have thirty minutes of sustained silent reading.

Q:  What is Makerspace:

A.  Makerspace is an activity-based program that takes place in the library.  Teachers sign up and take their students to Makerspace three times annually.


If you have any questions about flex, please call me.  It’s my favorite time of the day!

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