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Advanced Programs and GT

Duke TIP is a program sponsored by Duke University.  Participation in the Duke Talent Identification Program is offered to 7th grade students who achieve a perfect score on their 6th grade reading or writing STAAR test.

Wondering whether to take the SAT or ACT?  See the difference.

Is my child gifted or bright?  Here’s a side by side:

knows the answers. asks the questions.
is interested. is highly curious.
is attentive. is mentally and physically involved.
has good ideas. has wild, silly ideas.
works hard. plays around yet tests well.
answers the questions. discusses in detail and elaborates.
is in the top group. is beyond the group.
listens with interest. already knows.
needs 6-8 repetitions for mastery. needs 1-2 repetitions for mastery.
understands ideas. constructs abstract ideas.
enjoys peers. prefers adults.
grasps the meaning. draws inferences.
completes assignments. initiates projects.
is receptive. is intense.
copies accurately. creates a new design.
enjoys school. enjoys learning for learning’s sake.
absorbs information. manipulates information.
is a technician. is an inventer.
memorizes well. guesses well.
enjoys straightforward sequential presentation. thrives on complexity.
is alert. is keenly observant.
is pleased with own learning. is highly self-critical.
will read and follow directions to assemble something. will evaluate all parts to see how they fit together and then assemble.
Adapted from the Gifted Child Quarterly by Janice Szabos

October – Parents, teachers, friends, and family may nominate a student for GT.

November – GT testing 

December – GT blind committee meets to determine eligibility.  Parents are notified of the committee decision in writing.

January – Newly identified GT students move from general flex to GT flex class

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